A Customer’s Perspective

I knew I needed a new roof.  Despite not knowing all that much about roofs, I could tell that mine had suffered damage in the recent storms and was in bad shape.  I honestly wasn’t sure what to do, and was a little intimidated by the process of such a huge undertaking.  Fortunately, a friend recommended that I call Tier-One Roofing and Construction.  When I did, I was somewhat surprised to find out I was speaking directly to the owner, Jonathan Marsh.  He took my information and said someone would be out to have a look as soon as it was convenient for my schedule.  Justin called me back within a few minutes, and we were able to set an appointment for 4 pm the following day.  When my doorbell rang a few minutes to 4, there was no mistaking who was on my porch.  Justin was dressed in a Tier-One shirt and hat.  We chatted briefly about my roof, and then he climbed up to have a closer look.  Within minutes, he informed me that my homeowner’s insurance would buy me a new roof based on the amount of damage he could see.  We took another few minutes to go over the contract, and then we were done.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  Justin was courteous, intelligent, and patient with me despite my many questions.  Tier-One took care of everything for me from there out.  An adjuster from my insurance came out and confirmed that I did indeed need a new roof, and I casually mentioned to Justin that I might want to change color.  He swung back by later with a sample book and helped me pick a shingle I was happy with.  We scheduled the work for the following week.  The day before the job began, the materials arrived at my house.  I was a little surprised that they just left huge boxes of shingles right in my driveway, but apparently that’s very normal.  (When I tried to lift one, I understood a little better.  I couldn’t even make it budge!)  When the crew arrived early the next morning, they were incredibly polite and got right to work tearing off the old roof.  I hadn’t thought to ask how many days the whole job would take, so imagine my shock when I started hearing nail guns shortly before lunch.  I went outside to check their progress, and they were already putting the new shingles on!  I have a one story 2,000 square foot house, and they completely finished the job and clean up in one day.  My new roof looks great, and I am one happy customer.  Justin followed up with me again a few days later to see if the check had arrived in the mail from my insurance company.  It had just come that day, and he came by one more time to pick it up and make sure I was happy with everything.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  My insurance covered my roof, the work was done quickly and efficiently, and the end result looks better than I hoped!  I recommend Tier-One to everyone.