Why We Hate Water

As you can imagine, we spend a lot of our time waging war on water.

Our phones are constantly ringing with people who looked up to find a yellowish brown stain growing on the ceiling. Water stains are a dead give away that something isn’t right.

There are four primary ways water can make an unwelcome visit: rain, snow, hail, and faulty plumbing. If one of the first three reasons is the culprit, it means the roof needs some work.

Diagnosing a leak is a bit of an art. You might think that the malfunction in the roof is just directly above the stain on the ceiling. Our job would be a lot easier if this were the case, but it’s not.

Water can travel down a beam and joist, it can collect in a low spot, or it can throw you off the trail by slowly seeping through the insulation.

Once we’ve found the entry point we can make a game plan. Here’s a few common malfunctions that can let water in through the roof.

  • Missing, cracked or loose shingles
  • Bad flashing, seals and caulking
  • Improper installation of valleys, flashing, shingles, or collars
  • Exposed nail heads

Most of the problems can be prevented if the roof is installed properly, but even the best roofs age and fall victim to the elements over time.

If the stain is caused by faulty plumbing, like a leaking water pipe or condensation from an AC unit, we can help you find the right repair man for the job. As always, the estimate is free, so we won’t charge you a dime for the diagnosis.