Why Roof Venting is Better Than Emotional Venting

Every now and then we all reach our breaking point and just need to vent a little bit. It keeps us sane and we always feel better after venting. You might not know it, but your roof needs to vent occasionally too.

We’re not talking about sharing feelings or emotions, those should be kept deep down inside and never see the light of day. Roofs need to vent heat and moisture. A properly ventilated roof offers several benefits.

  • Longevity– When it’s cold outside and the snow is falling or the ice is freezing, roofs need to let off some heat to prevent ice dams from forming. An ice dam happens when ice trapped heat melts snow or ice on the roof to quickly, which then refreezes on the edges of the roofs. When this happens the ice can freeze under the shingles allowing water to leak in. Vents let the heat out at steady rate so the snow can melt at its own pace, which keeps your roof safe for a long time.
  • Keep it Cool-In the summertime roofs and attics become saunas. All that trapped heat in the attic can drive up your AC bill faster than a lightning strike. A few well placed vents here and there can let the heat escape and keep money in your wallet.
  • Mold– When the heat goes out, it takes moisture with it. This keeps the attic and roof nice and dry, which is key in the fight against mold. Moist attics are breeding grounds for mold and fungi, which can eat away at joists and nails, and might even be dangerous to your health.

A roof isn’t just nails, shingles, and decking. A good roof is a carefully designed system that keeps your house safe and protected from risks. At Tier-One Roofing when we take on a new job, we considered every risk factor and design a plan to address every factor.