What To Do When a Storm Damages Your Roof

Well it’s that time of year again folks. It’s barely April, but storm season appears to be in full swing. The Broken Arrow area alone has already endured two nights of high winds, strong rains, and a few tornados have even touched down.

When a storm damages your home or roof it’s hard to know what to do. As roofing experts, we wanted give you a simple checklist you can follow when a storm damages your roof.

  1. Breathe- If the storm was strong enough to damage your roof, there’s a good chance you and your family spent some time huddled in the coat closet the night before. Make sure everyone is okay, and if you have kids take some time to explain that the storm is over and they’re safe now.
  2. Document Everything- Once everyone is okay, head outside and start taking photos of the damage. You might need to get some pictures from the attic as well. It’s important that you get proper documentation of the damage before you move on to the next step so the insurance company can see the full scope of the damage.
  3. Make Repairs– If the damage is so severe that water is pouring into your home or you think more damage is around the corner, do what you can to make some temporary repairs. Keep your receipts if you buy anything, so you can add the cost of repairs to your insurance claim.
  4. Make the Call- Speaking of insurance claims, now would be a good time to get your agent on the phone and get the ball rolling with your insurance company. Explain how bad the damage is, and if you think your home isn’t safe to live in let them know. Most insurance companies will foot the bill for a hotel if you absolutely need one.
  5. Contact Us– After you make the initial insurance call, give Tier-One a call. We offer free estimates and we can help you handle your insurance claim too. As an Oklahoma based company, we know how scary storms can get. We’re here to help you put the storm behind you and move on.  
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